Howard Daniels


Howard Daniels Drums

Howard recruited via an advert in the N.ME music magazine. Howard came with a great pedigree ex drummer of the Skeletal family,very moody,very deep and something of an enigma.

Howard was a real coup for the Dolls a drummer that had tasted success with various well known Indie bands and had been involved with bands that had had record deals on independent record labels.

It was a real testament to how far the Dolls had come when we were attracting people from Manchester and other major cities and bands for auditions

By the time Howard joined the band had moved on from the Electro synth sound and edged more towards a heavier,guitar Goth sound.

First impressions of Howard was a man that had class. He walked into the rehearsal room,the upstairs of the Station pub Parkgate and just looked the rest of the band up and down.

Introductions over with and Howard slowly set his kit up.

Just drum along I said put what you think would suit Howard.

My god Howard hit the drums so hard it shook the foundations of the pub. A breathless display of tribal drumming that left us speechless.

At the end of the night I thanked Howard for coming and said ‘I’d let him know’ would I let him know.

As Howard left the room to make his way back home to Holmfirth I turned to the lads and said ‘FUCKING HELL’ he’s brilliant.

We all agreed Howard was the man for the job but were we the band for Howard.

I rung Howard the following day and acted rather nonchalont and said Howard me and the lads have all agreed that you’re the one we want in the band,to this Howard replied great. We’d found our drummer atlast and what a drummer.

Ive never seen Howard since 1985 ive often googled his name to see if anythings thrown up but alas nothing.

Howard could for all we know still be living in the sleepy village of Holmfirth with his long term girlfiend Katherine.

One day Howard may stumble across this book or even one of the bands websites until then we will have to just hoe Howard is happy and contented with his life at the moment.

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