John Airton

 John Airton (Fruit cake)

Known as Fruitcake,brilliant guitarist,quiet spoken and would never let you down

Fruitcake joined us after an article in the Rotherham Advertiser that we were dumping the synths and going more guitar influenced.

Ex member of one of my previous bands ‘Vision’ who were known as Spiral Vision when I formed the band Fruit turned up with his long term friend Paul.

Paul and Fruit were both died in the wool punks,leather jackets,tight jeans and winkle pickers. Paul would drive Fruit everywhere and the audition was no exception.

Known as Johnny Rotten Paul accompanied Fruit into the rehearsal room. Fruit gave a wry smile,neigh a nervous laugh and said ‘Eyup lads’

First impressions I thought or we as a band moving too far away from our synth days and with Fruits image actually stepping back to being punk.

Baz turned the drum machine on and began playing the bassline to the song ‘End of an Era’ no hesitation Fruit launched into a cochonoy,a wall of screaming guitars that blew me and Barry away.

Fruit was in and the band was taking shape and atlast musically moving in a different direction,leaning more to a more aggressive punchy tribal guitar sounding band.

Once the band finished it was the last I saw of Fruit I did hear tell he and Paul had a brief dabble with being a band and actually recorded some good tracks.

Still I believe living in Rotherham probably still in his jacket and still living at home,one day we may bump into each other in somewhere like Asda or Morrisons car park who knows but i’d like to see John for one last time

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