Ian Hillman

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Ian Hillman Keyboards

Ian was probably the last ever recruit to “The Dolls” and was the younger brother of Ivor, obviously not as good looking but a trier and a grafter. Ian joined the band because they had spent months trying to find the right synth player to join “The Dolls” but with no success and because he was the only one who could afford to buy a synth.

Once selected, Ian set to work learning the keys and spent hours in his bedroom practicing his finger techniques!!…… Eventually Ian was accepted into the band and although not the greatest keyboard player on the scene, he had the image and tons of enthusiasm.

Where is Ian now?………….

When the band finished, Ian had a short spell with brother Ivor in a synth pop duo working the northern club circuit but unlike Ivor, Ian eventually turned his back on the entertainment industry. Ian is now happily married with a young son and earns his living as a manager in a call centre….alas there’s no comeback on the horizon for Ian.

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