Barry Thurman

My Pierrot Dolls 2013 “>

Barry Bass Guitarist

Baz was and still to this day is always late. Hasn’t got a rush in him,laid back,loyal to the end and a genuine nice guy.

Baz has been their from the start. He’s been my right hand man. There when the going got tough and there when it all seemed to be heading up.

Unasumming gentle giant with a heart of gold never liked confrontation and would always be the peace maker.

An acomplished bass player, Baz would nail a song straight away the only thing that let Baz down was his awful bloody rythmn.


Their from the beginning and their at the end loyatly was parramount to Baz and I think when I finally put the band to rest Baz deep down shed a tear.

Barry had his 15 minutes of fame when infamously he caused a walk out at the garage he worked for and hit the headlines with his bright pink hair.

The garage company he worked for was taken aghast when Baz walked in one day with bright pink hair. He was immediatley suspended,this caused rucktions with the work force and they took action by downing tools.

The nationals took up Barrys plight and he was reinstated on the proviso he dyed his hair to a colour other than shocking pink.

Alas for Barry he won’t be afforded the luxury of hair dye these days as his flowing locks have long since gone and the only colour on his head will be sunburn red.

I still see Barry and speak to him on a regular basis,my son actually works at the garage Baz now owns. We often talk of the Dolls days and keep threatening a re-union who knows maybe one day we’ll climb on stage together again


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