Steve Keyworth

 Steve Keyworth Keyboards

Steve looked more at home in a bank rather than a stage. Struggled hard to get the image right and was always looking for something better,unfortunately he never found it.

Steve was more interested in the money side of being in a band and was at every turn looking for his cut of the door takings etc.

Haven’t seen Steve¬†since he left the band. I do believe he and Andy were together for a brief while both playing synths in an Electro band.

Who knows one day our paths may cross again,you never know.

My Pierrot Dolls 2014


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Latest News 2014

My Pierrot Dolls made a blistering performance at Rotherham Trades in May.

The new line up consisting of Ivor Vocals,Barry Bass,Ian Keys and new member Mark Frith on guitars and keys give a sensational performance to a sell out crowd.

The band are currently organising a national tour with a few European dates hopefully added

The Toy Latest video

Video produced and directed by GlennBoulton