Pete Antcliff

Pete Antcliff keys


Pete was from Sheffield.

Petes hair was his pride and joy and he maticulously gelled,it,waxed it,dyed it and straightened it. Never would a hair be out of place,the only man that would swim with his head and shoulders constantly above the water.

Haven’t seen Pete for years but we wish him well with his future.

My Pierrot Dolls 2014


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Latest News 2014

My Pierrot Dolls made a blistering performance at Rotherham Trades in May.

The new line up consisting of Ivor Vocals,Barry Bass,Ian Keys and new member Mark Frith on guitars and keys give a sensational performance to a sell out crowd.

The band are currently organising a national tour with a few European dates hopefully added

The Toy Latest video

Video produced and directed by GlennBoulton