Eddie Craven

 Eddie Craven Drums

Eddie,well Eddie came Eddie went a nice kid, a lad from Sheffield,good drummer but was influenced too heavily by his girlfriend Liz.

Liz definitely wore the trousers in Eddies relationship and what Sue said Eddie did.

The time had come for Eddie to leave and cowardly I let Baz do the honours he would make the call that would end Eddies relationship with the Dolls.

I remember he took it bad and never understood why we wanted him out but his reliability was no longer evident and one night in the Dusty Miller when we were supposed to be rehearsing he never showed and that was the last resort.

Always a stickler for time keeping and hated anyone letting me down I remember yelling at Baz ‘you can fucking tell him,he’s out’

Bottom of the stairs at the Dusty was a payphone and myself and Baz made our way to pull the plug on mr Craven.

Eddie answered the phone and Baz stumbled through an embarrassing reason after reason why we wanted him to leave the band.

I stood hovering over Baz prompting him with answer after answer as Eddie tried to cling to the band and his lifeline of getting out of a mundane 9 till 5 job.

Suddenly Baz’s tone altered and it was Eddies other half who had commendered the phone,she laid in to Baz with all her venom,what she was gonna do,what she wasn’t gonna do.

She then screamed at Baz tell Ivor he will be at the end of her ‘silver tongue’ when she gets hold of me at this I said to Baz tell her to fuck off and put the phone down.

We never saw Eddie again,never ever heard anything about him He seemed to disapear into oblivion I just hope that he’s now found happiness and dumped miss Silver tongue.

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