Ian Hicken

 Ian Hicken Keyboards

Male nurse Ian was the man of mystery. Deep voice that oozed calmness a man with a secret but great on keys and would do anything to help anyone

Ian had seen the advert in the Sheffield Star which was also distributed in Barnsley (where Ian lived)Rotherham and Doncaster. The add was placed in the section ‘Bands,Musicians Wanted’ and read My Pierrot Dolls require extrovert keyboard players with good image into Electro /Synth music.

Although real name Ian Stuart Hicken Ian wanted to be known and acclaimed to us from the beginning his name was Ian Stuart it was only months later we knew the truth.

Ian arrived for his audition one tuesday night at our rehearsal rooms in Rotherham,upstairs room in the Dusty Miller.

Decked in a military style jacket and keyboard wrapped in a canvas bag Ian stepped into the room. Heavily influenced by the band Japan Ian introduced himself in a deep dulcett tone not one sign of a Barnsley accent.

Image alone we knew Ian was the man for the job. Mysterious looking quiet demeanor and actually quite nifty on the synth.

Ian never spoke a deal probably nerves but still was amiable friendly and really wanted the job.

In the time Ian was in the band he never gave a lot away about his personal life and always kept himself to himself.

Ian was very innovative and would come up with ideas for songs and would love to sing backing vocals whenever he could.

A frustrated frontman longed to escape the background of a dark figure playing keyboards ant the rear of the stage. Ian later achieved his frontman status when he and Pete and Linda formed the band Scaramouche

Ian now lives in Spain and is happy and contented. He went on to write books and give seminars on health matters.

Still keep in touch with Ian via the internet but the talk of a re-union made him shudder I think Ians more at home now on the land,soaking up the sun and a nice glass of red wine.

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