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Ivor Hillman Lead vocalist

Ivor, along with bassist, Barry Thurman, were the only two members who were in the band from its inception.

Ivor started singing at the age of 20 when he formed the band “Spiral Vision”. It was a short lived project and soon, he left to put together “My Pierrot Dolls”. From the offset, the band went from strength to strength: quickly picking up an avid fanbase, locally.

In the early days, The Dolls’ sound would be best descibed as Deep Electronic Romance and Ivor could be seen around the streets of Rotherham in weird and wonderful costumes and bizarre hair styles. As the band progessed and developed, musicaly: off came the make-up and the bands sound edged towards a darker, more gothic tone.

As well as being lead vocalist, Ivor was also the sole lyricist, in the band. He was always the most ambitious bandmember and strived, constantly, for success and popularity. Who knows what heights the band might have reached if the other members had shared Ivor’s unerring ambition.

Where is Ivor now?……. Well he is still in the entertainment business and is still earning his living as a singer: working in a duo called Cats Eyes.

Today, Ivor’s ambition is as unwaivering as ever. He still hopes that some day ‘The Big Time’ will come calling and you can be assured: when it does… he will meet the challenge head-on.

  Oh! and Ivors not the only one in the family to be an entertainer, his cousin ‘Richard Jobson’ was lead vocalist in “The Skids”.

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