Andy Stevenson

 Andy Stevenson Keyboards

Andy Stevenson was one of the original members of “The Dolls”. Andy joined the band along with fellow synth player Steve Keyworth. Andy was a very individual person, a man with his own style and technique. A person that could actually play the synth and brought his own sound to “The Dolls”. In the eqarly days, Andy was heavily influenced by John Foxx and the more electronic style of bands. Andy always wanted to develop and progress his style of playing and image.

Where is Andy now…….. After leaving “The Dolls”, Andy performed in quite a few bands, “Mon Amour”, “3D Fiction” and “Carnival of Thieves”, just to name a few.

Andy has now hung his synth up as “he doesn’t want to be an old rocker”.

Andy is currently between jobs, still living in Rotherham and is just

embarking on the project of re-mastering some old “Dolls” songs……..

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